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Filmmaker with a Mission

Ludo's journey began with a profound appreciation for Earth's delicate balance, inspiring him to use his filmmaking skills for good. Years of experience in commercial filmmaking, working with renowned brands like Tesla, Rolls Royce, and Virgin Galactic, honed his craft as a writer, director, cinematographer, and producer.

Ludo's passion culminated in the critically acclaimed documentary "Eating Our Way to Extinction," narrated by Kate Winslet. This impactful film not only garnered 18 international awards but also continues to spark crucial conversations and drive legislative action. Its use by the United Nations and the European Parliament as a primary environmental presentation exemplifies the transformative power of storytelling.

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Versatile with Dedicated Vision

From hiking across the world's largest desert with his camera gear in tow on camelback to navigating icebreaker ships through the Arctic Circle and braving the depths of the Amazon rainforest, Ludo thrives in the face of the extraordinary.

His experience isn't just diverse; it's forged in the crucible of some of the planet's most demanding environments. The tougher the terrain, the more his skills shine, proving him to be an exceptionally versatile cinematographer equally at home in the heart of the action or capturing breathtaking landscapes.

A Master of the Craft:

Ludo's skillset mirrors the vastness of the landscapes he's captured. He's a master of a wide range of cameras, from industry titans Arri and Red to wielding drones with his CAA A2 license for breathtaking aerials. Growing up by the ocean instilled a deep comfort with water, making him equally adept at underwater cinematography, adding another layer to his visual storytelling arsenal.


Team Player with a
Positive Spirit:

Coming from a large family of 5 brothers, Ludo thrives in collaborative environments. He values teamwork and enjoys working closely with others to achieve a shared vision. His positive attitude and unwavering energy, evident in his fondness for sunrises and long days, make him a valuable asset to any production.

Extensive Experience and Multifaceted Passion

Lending his talents to industry giants like HBO, NatGeo, Imagination, Toast TV, BBC, The Edge Picture Company, Baobab Studios, his versatility shines through in the projects he tackles.

His lens has captured the stories of influential figures like Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu, Tony Robbins, and former President Jimmy Carter. He's brought equally compelling stories to life for culinary icon Alain Ducasse, environmental advocate Shailene Woodley, and business leaders like Sir Richard Branson and Lord Saatchi. And that's just to name a few.

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Beyond the lens:

Global Adventurer: Explored the world's diverse landscapes, fueling his creativity and understanding.
Champion Athlete: Former British Champion in Kitesurfing (2003). Creative Soul: Passionate about playing guitar and wildlife photography. 

Driven by the power of film to inspire and educate, Ludo is eager to collaborate on projects that make a difference.
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